Real-time 3D Human Body Scanning, Measurement, and Posture Analysis using Kinects

Project Overview

  • We develop a real-time 3D body scanning system to provide efficient and automatic 3D body scan. The system is built with 16 Microsoft Kinect sensors.
  • The measurements and analysis on the human body are important tasks in multiple biomedical research tasks. Rather than performing the physical measurements the subject, we aim to efficiently acquire the digital models through real-time body scans upon which various digital measurements and computer-aided analysis can be conducted.
  • Based on our existing experiments, conducted on Pennington Biomedical Research Center, on 35+ human subjects, the digital measurement accuracy on various body circumferences is within 2cm.
  • A larger amount of medical scans are expected to be performed in the Penningont Biomedical Research Center starting September 2013.
  • Key Technologies: 3D Range Image Processing; Geometric Denoise; Occluded/incomplete Data Completion.
  • 3D Body Scanning

    Scanned Digital Models

    Project Members

  • Dr. Xin Li
  • Dr. Steven Heymsfield
  • Kang Zhang
  • Sponsors

    We gratefully acknowledge the support of Pennington Biomedical Research Center on this research.