2013-2014 Academic Year Curriculum Changes

The Division of ECE has completed a revision to both the electrical and computer engineering programs !

Please review the slide presentation given to students on Oct 24, 2012. (pdf here)

EE 2013-2014 Flowchart

EEC 2013-2014 Flowchart

The transition plan for these programs is a dynamic process. Please visit here regularly to see the most recent updates. Here are some recent developments:

* EE 2720 was dropped from the spring 2013 course offerings and replaced by EE 2740. If you were planning on taking EE 2720, you should take EE 2740 and plan on switching to the 2014 CY.

* EE 3140 was replaced by EE 3150. This is the same course, just a new number. MATH 3355 is still available for students when EE 3150 is not available.

* For students who switch to the 2013-2014 catalog, PHIL 2018 can be taken instead of PHIL 2020. This is recommended.

* MATH 2070 can be taken instead of MATH 2090. This is also recommended.

The new curriculum requirements (known as the " 2014 catalog year, or CY") apply to incoming freshman beginning in Fall 2013. However, students currently enrolled at LSU can switch to the new program. Students need to be aware of some issues that may arise if they decide to switch.

1.) Some General Education Electives that were humanities were changed to social science electives in 2011

2.) Some foreign languages courses that did not count under humanities electives now do count.

3.) No student enrolled at LSU prior to Fall 2013 will be allowed to take EE 1810. Students can substitute other courses for EE 1810. Approved substitutions will determined by the division.