Group III Technical Electives - Formerly known as Engineering Electives




ChE 4270 Processing of Advanced Materials

EE 3232

ENGR 4100 or 4200

See catalog for prerequisites

IE 3201- Principles of Engineering Economy


IE 4462 Safety - offered Summer and Fall

Senior standing is only prereq.

IE 4540 Reliability.

Prereq: Math 3355

IE 4425 Information Systems Engineering; offered Fall and Spring.

Prereq: Programming course (IE2060 or similar).

IE 4426 Distributed Information Systems Engineering. Covers web systems development; offered Fall

Prereq: IE4425 or equivalent

IE 4485 Systems Integration. DAQ, Industrial Automation, PLC Control, SCADA/HMI systems.

may be of interest to your students interested in working in the process industry. May be redundancy with EE 3530

ME 3333 Thermodynamics

PHYS 2101 and MATH 1552