Group III Technical Electives - Formerly known as Engineering Electives





CE 2450 Statics

PHYS 2101

ChE 4270 Processing of Advanced Materials

EE 3232

IE 3201- Principles of Engineering Economy


IE 4490 - Engineering Maintenance Management; offered only during intersession

Prereq: Math 3355 or equivalent.

IE 4462 Safety - offered Summer and Fall

Senior standing is only prereq.

IE 4540 Reliability.

Prereq: Math 3355

IE 4425 Information Systems Engineering; offered Fall and Spring.

Prereq: Programming course (IE2060 or similar).

IE 4426 Distributed Information Systems Engineering. Covers web systems development; offered Fall

Prereq: IE4425 or equivalent

IE 4485 Systems Integration. DAQ, Industrial Automation, PLC Control, SCADA/HMI systems.

may be of interest to your students interested in working in the process industry. May be redundancy with EE 3530



ME 2733 Materials of Engineering

CHEM 1202 (not required for EE/EEC) and PHYS 2102

ME 3333 Thermodynamics

PHYS 2101 and MATH 1552