Elective Courses for the
Electrical Engineering (EE) Option


Elective courses in electrical engineering are intended to achieve the following:

  1. Round out the design requirements of the BS degree.  This is accomplished by taking a minimum number of hours of 4xxx-level EE courses designated by the department as having significant design content.
  2. Allow students to pursue one of the three stated emphasis areas in the catalog, i.e., 1) Electronics, 2) Energy, 3) Systems and Signal Processing 4) Computers. This is accomplished by electing EE courses or courses outside the department that are supportive of the emphasis area.

Offered Electives

Design Electives

Approved Technical Electives

Electrical Engineering students must take three technical electives. At least one must be from Group I. If only one of the three is taken from Group I, at least one other technical elective must be from Group II.

Group I

Any EE 4xxx course EE 3160 EE 3232 EE 3755
Group II

EE 3060 and EE 3061 EE 3070 CSC 4356 ME 3133 ME 3333 ME 4533 NS 4570 MATH 4023 MATH 4025 MATH 4036 MATH 4038 MATH 4153
Group III

Courses can be chosen from this group.

Revised 28AUG15