''Scalability of the Fusing-Restricted Reconfigurable Mesh''

J. Alberto Fernandez-Zepeda

Ramachandran Vaidyanathan

Jerry L. Trahan

Proc. IASTED Int'l. Conf. Parallel and Distributed Computing Systems, (Chicago, IL, Oct. 1996), pp. 467-471


Scalability is the ability of a smaller-sized instance of a model to efficiently simulate a larger-sized instance. The Fusing-Restricted R-Mesh (FR-Mesh) is a restricted version of the reconfigurable mesh (R-Mesh). We construct a scalability simulation of an FR-Mesh in which the scalability factor (the overhead due to the simulation) depends only on the simulating machine size and not on the simulated machine size. The R-Mesh is not known to admit such a scalability factor without significantly reducing its computational power. The small scalability factor holds importance for flexibility in algorithm design and for running algorithms with various input sizes on an available model of given size.