''Scheduling Real Time Tasks on Heterogeneous Reconfigurable Devices''

Mostafa Elbidweihy

Jerry L. Trahan

Proc. 22nd International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Computing and Communication Systems (PDCCS'09), pp. 71-76, 2009


Studies of scheduling a set of tasks on a partially reconfigurable device have assumed a homogeneous reconfigurable structure with only configurable logic blocks (CLBs) in the reconfigurable area. Most reconfigurable devices offered in the market today, however, are heterogeneous. A common structure is to have a homogeneous area of CLBs separated by other components, such as memory blocks. Observe that task placement may be constrained by demands for a memory block in addition to CLBs. The main goal of this paper is to examine whether the ideas behind schedulers designed for homogeneous devices will work for heterogeneous devices. We conclude that the scheduling ideas discovered there do carry over to heterogeneous devices with minor adaptations.