Undergraduate Advising

In 2012, the Division of Electrical and Computer Engineering completed a major revision to the EE and EEC curriculum. Beginning in Fall 2013 the requirements for both EE and EEC are significantly different. The changes will better prepare students for senior design and give students some course choices in their junior year. For more information, see the slideshow presented to students on Oct 24, 2012 here.)


Recent Changes:


* EE and EEC Students should take MATH 2070 instead of MATH 2090.


* EE and EEC Students now must take PHYS 2110 and PHYS 2113 instead of PHYS 2101 and PHYS 2102.


List of Spring 2014 electrical and computer engineering electives

The ECE undergraduate Advisor: Mr. John Scalzo 3172 Patrick Taylor Hall, 578-5478

The following students will be advised by the ECE undergraduate adviser: students doing senior checkout, dual degree seeking students, and students out of town working an internship or co-op assignment. Students will not get their flag lifted for scheduling unless they complete the advising or senior checkout process.

This year we gave student the option of choosing their faculty advisor. Each year in the fall we will repeat this process and allow students to re-select their faculty advisor. Students will be emailed the name of their adviser before the advising process begins. Students must see their assigned faculty adviser in order to have their flag lifted (see list below).

Students must bring to their advising appointment:

1.) a completed advising form (.pdf, or .doc)

2.) a marked copy of the EE and/or ECE flowchart to their appointment. (mark x through completed courses and "/" through courses currently enrolled)

***The Online Interactive Advising Tool has been removed. Please use the forms mentioned above."

Your adviser must sign the form and you must return it to Stacie Oliver's inbox in PFT 3101, the main office for ECE.

Link to: Faculty contact information

Link to : Faculty Office Hours