ECE Undergraduate Advising

Updated August 23, 2017

ECE Students in UCFY are advised in Allen Hall

ECE Students in ENGR are advised in ECE

Admission requirements to the college of engineering from UCFY click: here

Advising procedures are listed at the bottom of this page. Here are some recent updates to the currcicula.

Students planning to work a Co-op assignment must register with Career Services in order to remain a full-time student while working.

* Breadth Elective Policy for Electrical Engineering Students ONLY:

For those of you on the 2013-2014 flowcharts (or newer), there is a new policy for taking breadth electives. This policy ensures that students will take breadth elective courses from many of the different areas of electrical engineering. Students will have to take at least 18 hours of breadth elective courses. Now we have placed all of the breadth elective courses into five different groups (areas of electrical engineering). Students must take breadth elective courses from at least four of these five groups. Here is the official policy statement:

EE Breadth:

(a) Students must take at least 18 hours of Breadth Electives

(b) Students must choose courses from at least FOUR out of FIVE groups

Group 1 - EE 3160

Group 2 - EE 3220, EE 3001, EE 3232

Group 3 - EE 3410

Group 4 - EE 3530

Group 5 - EE 3710, 3752, 3755

Special Topcs Breadth Electives:

EE 3001 - Spring 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 are all Group 2 breadth electives


Improtant Advising Information

* EE and EEC Students must now take MATH 2070 instead of MATH 2090.

The ECE undergraduate Advisor: Mr. John Scalzo 3335 Patrick Taylor Hall, 578-5478

The following students will be advised by the ECE undergraduate adviser: students doing senior checkout, dual degree seeking students (any majors), and students working an internship or co-op assignment. Students will not get their flag lifted for scheduling unless they complete the advising or senior checkout process.

Each fall semester we give students the option of choosing their faculty advisor. We will email students the name of their adviser before the advising process begins. Students must see their assigned faculty adviser in order to have their flag lifted.

Students must bring to their advising appointment:

1.) a completed advising form (.pdf)

2.) a marked copy of the EE and/or ECE flowchart to their appointment. (mark x through completed courses and "/" through courses currently enrolled)

Your adviser must sign the form and you must return it to Stacie Oliver in the main office of Electrical and Computer Engineering, 3325 Patrick Taylor

Link to: Faculty contact information

Faculty Office hours can be found by contacting them or calling the main ECE office: 578-5241