Photo of nanocomposite microsensor.
Polymer nanocomposite microsensors
BioMEMS and Bioelectronics Laboratory
Jin-Woo Choi
Major research focus on BioMEMS and bioelectronic devices and systems. Currently, there are several research activities including polymer nanocomposite microsensors, membraneless microscale fuel/biofuel cells, biochip for quantitative lateral flow immunodetection, microoptic devices for enhanced imaging applications, and lab-on-a-chip for biochemical sensing based on magnetic nanoparticles.

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  • Microfluidic test station with syringe pumps
  • Contact angle and surface tension instrument
  • Electrochemical and fuel cell test station
  • Stereomicroscope and imaging station
  • Spin processor
  • Chemical hoods and chemical bench
  • High voltage supply
  • Micromilling machine
  • Probe stations
  • Microbalance
  • Miscellaneous labware