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Vi ---> Commands while in insert mode

    ^@                      | If typed as the first character of the
                            |   insertion, it is replaced with the previous
                            |   text inserted (max. 128 chars), after which
                            |   the insertion is terminated.
    ^V                      | Deprive the next char of its special meaning
                            |   (e.g. <esc>).
    ^D                      | One shiftwidth to the left.
    0^D                     | Remove all indentation on the current line
                            |   (there must be no other chars on the line).
    ^^D                     | Idem, but it is restored on the next line.
    ^T                      | One shiftwidth to the right
    ^H | <erase>            | One char back.
    ^W                      | One word back.
    <kill>                  | Back to the begin of the change on the
                            |   current line.
    <intr>                  | Like <esc> (but you get a beep as well).

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This section is based on "Vi Reference" by Maarten Litmaath et al.

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