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Account Information

All Windows computers in the Department authenticate against the LSU Active Directory. As such, students, faculty, and staff should login to PCs using their PAWS user name, password, and "LSU" as the domain. Important to note, the PAWS credentials are managed by LSU ITS so Departmental IT staff will not be able to assist with most problems (forgotten passwords, password changes, account lockouts, etc.). Problems with these credentials should be directed to the LSU ITS Help Desk.


Network File Storage(Windows7)

The Department maintains two file servers to provide network file storage for faculty & staff , respectively.

NOTE: A VPN connection is required to map ECE network drives from off-campus. More info here.

Faculty & Staff

Faculty & Staff file storage should be automatically mounted on ECE computers during the login process. It will appear in Computer as a mounted drive, labeled Z:. Quota is currently (F'09) set at 20 GB per Faculty/Staff. Off-campus access is possible by following these steps on Windows 7:

  • (If off-campus) Enable a VPN connection to LSU. More information on options and installation is available here.
  • Open Start, right-click Computer , and select Map Network Drive


  • Type in the Folder field the following information, appending your PAWS ID:
    • For Faculty: \\\faculty\
      • e.g.: \\\faculty\mtiger1
    • For Staff: \\\staff\
      • e.g.: \\\staff\mtiger1


If the computer you are using is on LSU's campus, left-click Finish. This is all that is required to connector to your network drive. However, if you are off-campus, these additional steps are required.

  • Check the box for Connect using a different user name, and select Finish.


  • Enter your PAWS ID in the User Name field prepending a "lsu\"
    • e.g. For PAWS ID mtiger1, the User Name is: lsu\mtiger1
  • Enter your PAWS password in the Password field
  • Check Remember my credentials
  • Click OK, then Finish

Windows 8

Coming Soon!

Remote Desktop (Faculty/Staff only)

Faculty & Staff are able to access only their desktops from off-campus by following the following steps:

  • Enable a VPN connection to LSU. More information on options and installation is available here.
  • Launch the Remote Desktop Connection application.
    • On Windows XP, this is typically located in Start->Accessories or Start->Accessories->Communications
  • Enter the name of your desktop in the Computer field.
    • This can be determined a variety of ways:
      • Drop down box on the login screen
      • Properties (right click) of My Computer, Computer Name tab, Full computer name field
      • Host name on black BGinfo wallpaper (if configured to display this)
  • Click Connect.
  • If successful, you will be prompted to enter credentials just as if you were logging into the computer locally. Enter your PAWS ID & password as usual.

NOTE: On-campus access is also possible by following the above instructions, but omitting the VPN connection step


A comprehensive list of network printers and related information is available on the ECE Printers page.

Faculty & Staff can request a particular network printer be automatically added to their desktop machine at login by contacting the ECE Helpdesk.

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