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The Department carries a 50-seat concurrent license for MATLAB and a diverse set of toolboxes. The license carries an active support contract, allowing accessing to new version releases and support. Currently, The MathWorks releases versions twice a year, with a naming convention of YYYYa in the Spring and YYYYb in Fall. E.g. 2008a, 2008b.

Our license allows unlimited installations on LSU-owned machines, but only 50 concurrent users. Under the licensing terms for academic licenses, commercial use is prohibited.


Due to the use of a network-based licensing model, users must have network connectivity to utilize MATLAB.


MATLAB licensing should function without issue from LSU wired and wireless networks.


MATLAB licensing will fail unless the user enables a VPN connection first. The VPN connection functions by essentially placing your machine on the LSU-network as if you were on campus. More information on VPN here

License Details

Toolbox Name # Licenses
Simulink 50
Communications Blockset 50
Communications Toolbox 50
Control System Toolbox 50
Curve Fitting Toolbox 2
Data Acquisition Toolbox 2
Extended Symbolic Math Toolbox 2
Filter Design Toolbox 2
Fixed-Point Toolbox 2
Genetic Algorithm and Direct Search Toolbox 2
Image Acquisition Toolbox 3
Image Processing Toolbox 50
MATLAB Compiler 3
MATLAB Report Generator 50
Neural Network Toolbox 50
Optimization Toolbox 50
Partial Differential Equation Toolbox 1
Real-Time Workshop 5
Robust Control Toolbox 50
Signal Processing Blockset 5
Signal Processing Toolbox 50
Simulink Control Design 50
Simulink Report Generator 50
Simulink Response Optimization 50
Statistics Toolbox 2
Symbolic Math Toolbox
System Identification Toolbox 50
Wavelet Toolbox 50
xPC Target 5
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