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ECE Computing Center (EE 126)

Who can log in on lab machines?

The ECE Department restricts access to lab machines, allowing access only to EE/EEC students (Under/graduate) and others enrolled in an EE class. The College of Engineering manages the access lists used for this purpose around the start of the semester as follows. If you find yourself unable to login, please wait at least 14 days after the start of a semester before contacting the ECE Help Desk.

What are the operating hours for the lab?

The current hours are available on the Computing Center page.


What types of network file storage are available to students?

LSU and COE offer network file storage to students. Both drives should be mounted automatically at login on Windows systems and are subject to quotas. As of F'09, these drives are as follows:

Org Drive Letter Quota Description
LSU H: 50 MB More Info

Can I access my ECE files from off-campus?

The Linux file system and individual hosts can be accessed utilizing the LSU VPN client in conjunction with an SFTP client, such as FileZilla. More information can be found on the Linux system page.

The Windows file system can be accessed utilizing the LSU VPN client and subsequently mounting the drive. More information can be found on the Windows system page.


Can I print in the ECE Dept. labs?

All ECE students and those enrolled in ECE classes can print in ECE labs up to a point. More information can be found on the Printers page.

What is the name of a network printer?

Here is a list of ECE network printers including location: ECE Printers. Not all listed printers are accessible to students. Please see the legend at the bottom for a better description.

How can I check my available balance?

The CZ Print Job Agent, located on the right side of the Windows Task Bar can be used to check your balance. More info on the Printers page

How can I request additional pages be added to my quota? (RA/TA only)

Contact the ECE Help Desk and provide relevant details such as: PAWS ID, Major professor (RAs), Course (TAs)

How do I report a printer malfunction, out of paper, or out of toner?

You can report printer problems or request replacement consumables from the lab monitor in EE 126, when available. Otherwise, Contact the ECE Help Desk and provide relevant details such as: PAWS ID, room number, printer name, and problem (if any).


Is wireless network access available in the ECE Department?

Both the Electrical Engineering, Engineering Research & Development, Wetlands, and Patrick F. Taylor Buildings have full coverage wireless. It is managed and supported exclusively by LSU ITS. More information available on GROK.

Where can I scan documents?

There is a flat bed scanner available for use by all ECE students in the Computer Center (EE 126) at the lab monitor station.

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