The department attempts to provide financial support to all qualified doctoral students and to outstanding M.S. applicants. Every semester, but particularly in the fall, the department offers teaching assistantships to selected new applicants. Spring assistantships are usually awarded to continuing students. These are very competitive awards which are decided based on the needs of the department and the academic credentials of the applicants. Decisions for the fall semester are made in February/March of each year. An assistantship applicant should submit the application for admission and all the required documents, well in advance of the decision deadline.

Research assistants participate in grants and research contracts. They are selected individually by the respective principal investigators and their stipend originates in research contracts. Interested students should contact the Coordinator in their area of interest.

At the present time the department supports approximately 25 teaching, and 40 research assistants. The stipend for Ph.D. students who have passed the qualifying exam and have had their plans of study approved is $12,600 for approximately half-time duties performed during the academic year. The stipend for other graduate students for similar duties is $10,800 per academic year.

Fellowships, some of which cover fees, are also available; they require no duties of the recipient and include the $15,000-per-year LSU Graduate Fellowships and $17,000-per-year Board of Regents Fellowships. Information on fellowships can be obtained from the Graduate Coordinator

Other sources of financial assistance may be available. Many students find positions as graduate assistants in other academic and administrative units in the university.