Frequently Asked Questions for Current ECE Graduate Students


What is the time limit for a degree program?
The time limit for a Master's degree program is five years. Credit for individual courses taken at LSU more than five years before the termination of a program may be revalidated by the student's graduate committee through an examination. No more than fifty percent of the courses in a student's program may be revalidated and counted toward the degree requirements. A Doctoral program must be completed within seven years.
Can Doctoral students transfer course work from other universities?
Yes. You must complete the Preapproval of Courses for the PhD form located on the ECE Grad Program website.
Can Master students transfer course work from other universities?
Only course work taken in the United States may be transferred towards a master's degree and no more than twelve (12) hours may be approved. A Request for Transfer form must be completed and can be found on the GS webpage.
When can I schedule my Exam?
Exams can be taken on any date the university is open with the exception of school holidays and weekends.  The student must be enrolled for the following semester in order for the exam to be approved.
I would like to change the date of my exam. Do I need to submit a new form?
No, you do not need to submit a new exam request. The Graduate School has an Exam Date Change form which can be filled out in a few moments. Please also feel free to call and tell us over the phone at 225-578-3181. Or have your department notify us of the new date.
How much time must I have between my Doctoral General and Final Exam?
You are required to have at least three (3) months between General and Final Exam
I'd like to add an additional member or change a committee member. What should I do?
Complete the “Committee Change” form found on the ECE Graduate web page. The department chair has to notify the Graduate Records office of any committee changes. Additionally, insure that they are a member of the Graduate Faculty or have submitted forms for approval.
The Dean's Representative on my committee is no longer at the University/will be unable to participate in my exam. How do I get a new one?
Please contact the Graduate Records Office at at 225-578-3181 regarding the Dean's Representative.
If I have defended already but want to be able to have my document approved in time, what can I do?
A thesis or dissertation that has already been defended should be submitted to the Graduate School in a final pdf version as quickly as possible after the defense. All documents should be submitted no later than the Friday before the final deadline to insure that the review can be completed and corrections made by the deadline.
Who should write my petition?
Petitions will be written by either the Chair of the Department or the Departmental Graduate Advisor, UNLESS:  the student is a non-matriculating student or not in a department, in which case, the student, can write the petition.  The petitions will require the final approval of the College of Engineering Dean and he/she will forward this decision to the GS
When will my petition be processed?
Generally, it will take the ECE Program Office about 24 to 48 hours to process a petition. After that time, feel free to come to room 114 David Boyd or call 225-578-3181 to check on the status of your petition.
How do I drop a course?
As long as you are not dropping your only class for the current semester, you can drop on PAWS until the drop deadline. However, note, if you are on a graduate assistantship, are a degree candidate for the current semester, or are an international student, you may not drop below full-time status. To drop your only class for the semester, you must officially resign from the university by filling out a Resignation/Cancellation of Registration form. This form is issued from the Graduate School, room 114 David Boyd Hall. The form must then be delivered to and signed by several other offices on campus, and finally left at the Bursar's office.
How do I apply for a dual degree?
A student who wishes to have a dual Master's degree should complete the Application for Dual Degree form found on the Graduate School webpage in the forms section.
How do I change my degree program?
If changing degrees within the same department, we will accept a memo from the Graduate Advisor. If changing to a degree in another department, the student must fill out a Change of Department form and submit it to the desired department for evaluation. The instructions are on the Change of Department form.
Where do I get a copy of my LSU transcript?
Copies of your transcript may be ordered through your PAWS account.
How can I get a letter of completion?
A student may request this in the Graduate Records Office. In order to be eligible, you must have completed all degree requirements and not be in any coursework. There is a three day processing time for these letters.


I have an appointment with the editor. What should I bring and where should I go?
Bring one unbound copy of your document on plain paper in PDF format to the Academic Services Center front desk in room 114, David Boyd Hall. Also bring a cataloging abstract for the editor to review.
How do I make an appointment with the editor?
Contact the Academic Services Center office by phone at 225-578-3181 or in person in room 114 David Boyd Hall to set up an appointment.
Do I have to submit my document electronically?
Yes. Since Spring 2002, ALL students are required to submit their documents electronically.
How do I find the rules regarding research ethics and academic integrity?
All students are responsible for familiarizing themselves with the University's Code of Student Conduct. This document addresses the issues of academic honesty, plagiarism, human subjects testing, copyright issues, etc.


Where can I get the forms for graduation?
At the Academic Services Center desk in room 114 David Boyd, ask for a graduation packet. This packet contains all of the materials needed for graduation. Final exam request forms and Application for Degree forms are on the Forms website.
I need to apply to graduate for the summer. How do I apply?
The procedure is the same as for regular semesters. The Application for Degree and Exam Request deadlines are on the Summer Academic Calendar along with the thesis /dissertation deadline.
I'd like to be Degree Only, but I'm not sure what it means. How do I become Degree Only?
To be eligible for Degree Only registration, the student must have already defended their thesis or dissertation by the commencement date in a previous semester and completed all required course work. Degree Only registration means that you are registering for the Degree Only, and are not considered an enrolled student. You may visit the Graduate School Calendar to see Degree Only Deadline. For further questions, contact Arlette Henderson at 225-578-2316.
What are the fees for graduation?
For Master's Non-Thesis, the degree fee is $35. The fee for the Master's Thesis is $55. The fee for doctoral students is $100. These fees should be paid at the Bursar's Office or through PAWS. Fees will appear on your regular fee bill.


What is the Graduate School's readmission policy?
Previously enrolled graduate students who fail to enroll for three or more consecutive semesters (summer term included) must file an Application for Readmission form with the Graduate School.
I am a graduate student; can I miss a semester of taking classes?
Generally it is acceptable to sit out for a semester unless you are a PhD student who has completed the General Exam. They must maintain continuous registration for Fall and Spring semesters (at least 3 hours).
How do I pay my registration fees?
Fees can be paid online by credit card through your PAWS account. Fees can also be paid at the Bursar's Office in room 125 Thomas Boyd Hall.