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18 May 1998, 19:29:40 CDT
Linked modified final exam and solution to previous work page.

14 May 1998, 11:05:27 CDT
Course grades available. Steady your hand and click here. (You may need to re-load the grades page.)

13 May 1998, 17:26:53 CDT
Final exam grades available. The average was 54.6, the highest grade was 70 (two got that grade). The course grades are not yet ready, they'll be ready sometime tomorrow. When you're ready click here.

13 May 1998, 8:59:03 CDT
Grading update: Problems 1 and 2 have been graded, final exam grades should be ready by the late afternoon/early evening (on Wednesday). Course grades may not be available until Thursday.

11 May 1998, 12:45:58 CDT
Linked final exam to previous work page. Grades should be available sometime Wednesday.

9 May 1998, 15:19:46 CDT
Added homework and pre-final averages to the grades page.

8 May 1998, 18:40:31 CDT
The solution to the 1998 final now includes a solution to problem 3c, the hashed tag problem.

7 May 1998, 14:34:47 CDT
Completed grading homework 6. These can be picked up in my office or in the last class.
Updated the exam information page for the final exam. Included links to material on EPIC.

6 May 1998, 15:40:56 CDT
Linked solution to homework 6 to previous work page.

29 April 1998, 15:30:19 CDT
The material on caches presented in class the past few lectures is from Section 5.2. Some supplemental material material has been linked to the lectures page.

27 April 1998, 14:51:29 CDT
Linked solution to homework 5 to previous work page.

24 April 1998, 13:34:34 CDT
Linked homework 6 to previous work page. It's due 4 May.

21 April 1998, 11:01:44 CDT
Course number, call number, and time available for Topics in Computer Architecture, the follow-on to this course. (See Topics in Computer Architecture.)

17 April 1998, 18:14:22 CDT
Linked solution to homework 4 to previous work page.

15 April 1998, 13:24:02 CDT
Linked homework 5 to previous work page. It's due 22 April.

6 April 1998, 11:53:29 CDT
Changed due date of homework 4 to Monday, 13 April.

3 April 1998, 20:01:00 CST
Created web pages for Topics in Computer Architecture, sort of a Computer Achitecture II.

3 April 1998, 12:59:18 CST
Linked hw 4 to previous work page. Added question about curve erosion to FAQ page.

1 April 1998, 13:39:43 CST
Midterm exam grades available. The average is 57.3, the grades range from 21 to 86. When you're ready click here.

27 March 1998, 10:12:03 CST
Grading update: grades may be available today or Saturday, otherwise they wil be available Wednesday, 1 April.

18 March 1998, 15:05:55 CST
Linked midterm exam and preliminary solution to previous work page.

17 March 1998, 17:28:05 CST
Made minor changes to the solution to the 1997 midterm: the solution to part C shown runs on a pipeline having bypass paths. In the original solution the bypass path assumption wasn't stated. The beqz instruction in part B was missing the register operand (r3), this has been added.

14 March 1998, 12:54:18 CST
Linked solution to HW 3 to previous work page.

13 March 1998, 19:53:00 CST
Linked solution to 1997 final (except question 3) to previous work page.

12 March 1998, 17:40:10 CST
Added an exam information page, and linked to course home page.

11 March 1998, 20:12:51 CST
Linked solution to 1997 practice midterm to previous work page. Also made minor modifications to 1997 practice midterm.

11 March 1998, 16:41:43 CST
Linked set 9, long-latency operations, to lectures page.

9 March 1998, 17:01:08 CST
Linked solution to homework 2 to previous work page.

Midterm exam will be held in room 145-149 EE Building.

6 March 1998, 12:26:44 CST
Midterm exam time changed to Tuesday 17 March 1998, 19:00-21:00 (7pm-9pm), room to be determined.

5 March 1998, 16:59:20 CST
Linked lecture set 8 to lectures page and homework 3 to previous work page.

5 March 1998, 8:33:02 CST
Homework 2, problem 2 clarification: show the contents of the pipeline registers the first time addi is in the MEM stage. Either make up (and specify) values for the array elements, or use 10 for the first element, 20 for the second, etc. The assignment linked to previous work has been updated with these changes.

It is likely that the midterm exam will be rescheduled so that at least two hours are available. [Midterm rescheduled, see 6 March entry.]

4 March 1998, 11:41:51 CST
Tentatively scheduled midterm exam for Friday, 20 March starting five minutes before during class time. [Midterm rescheduled, see 6 March entry.]

1 March 1998, 13:41:44 CST
Added questions about RAW hazard pipeline execution example to FAQ page.

27 February 1998, 17:17:26 CST
Home page and what's new page should now work with Microsoft Internet Explorer 3 (no more JavaScript errors). (Home page previously worked with Microsoft Internet Explorer 4 and Netscape Navigator/Communicator 3 and 4.)

Linked homework 2 to previous work page. Homework 1 problem 1 now clearly states that locality applies to memory accesses.

20 February 1998, 12:11:29 CST
Linked solution to homework 1 to previous work page.

13 February 1998, 12:32:39 CST
Made changes to lecture set 5 on lectures page. Changes include, correct use of XOR for bitwise negation, correct specification of target address in relative jumps, and the correct name for the second operand field in Type-I instructions.

11 February 1998, 19:29:39 CST
Linked lecture set 5 to lectures page and homework assignment 1 to previous work page.

2 February 1998, 12:31:50 CST
Linked lecture set 4, CT instructions and data types, to lectures page. Updated old questions and added a question about the cost of the book to the FAQ page.

27 January 1998, 9:06:13 CST
Linked lecture set 3, ISA Design, to lectures page.

23 January 1998, 17:00:40 CST
Linked lecture set 2 to lectures page.

22 January 1998, 13:15:12 CST
Added TA's office hours and desk number to home page.

22 January 1998, 11:49:08 CST
The class has been moved to a new (and bigger) room, 201 Williams Hall.

21 January 1998, 13:49:11 CST
Linked lecture slides 1 to lectures page. Added some TA information to home page. Stay tuned for new room number.

20 January 1998, 8:47:30 CST
Class Size > Room Capacity: Currently 50 students are registered for the class, while the room, 149 EE Blg, only holds 36. To accommodate the extra students a larger room is being obtained. The first class, however, will be held in EE 149, so some students will have to stand. The new room number will be posted here and outside room EE 149 as soon as it's available, probably before Friday's class.

19 December 1996, 14:58:11 CST
Postscript material converted to PDF.

24 May 1997, 13:52:57 CDT
Spring 1997 material retired.

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