Intel Recruiting Visit

Intel will be interviewing on 7 February 1997.

Date: Mon, 27 Jan 1997 18:10:07 -0800 (PST)
From: "Beeman C. Strong"  <>
To: David Koppelman <>
Subject: Recruiting architecture students
I'm going to be on campus conducting some brief interviews on 2/7. I've talked to Casey with Career Services to set up a room and post a notice in the office, but because I am specifically targeting architecture students, I thought I'd go through you as well. If you could mention this to your classes or (better yet!) forward this mail to your students, I would really appreciate it.

As I explained before, I am writing on the behalf of the architecture validation team for Intel in Portland, Oregon. We are trying hard to fill a large number of positions for computer and/or electrical engineers, bachelor or masters.

We are looking for students with extensive background in computer architecture, and programming abilities as well. The students must have a detailed knowledge in memory structures and implementation, as well as pipelining and the wide range of more specific topics related to both. Advanced computer architecture courses, such as [EE 4720], should provide sufficient background, and operating systems courses are also helpful.

My group is working on a future generation Intel micro-processor, and this group previously worked on the Pentium(TM) Pro Processor. Our job involves validation of the micro-processor. Once a VHDL-like software model of the processor is created, our job as validators is to break it. To do this, we write C or Asm tests to exercise the various components of the architecture.

Please ask any interested students to e-mail me with a resume or a web-link to a resume. I will get back to them with information on my trip and a possible interview as quickly as I can. Also, If there are any questions about Intel or Oregon, please send me an e-mail. I'm sure I've got the answers!


Beeman C. Strong, <>