EE 3755 - FAQ

Miscellaneous Questions

Checking my class account E-mail frequently is inconvenient, how can I have it forwarded to another address? Answer.

There's a course packet for this course, but the instructor's name is Skavantzos. Should I buy it? Answer.

How can the questions below have been frequently asked it the material they refer to hasn't been taught yet? Answer.

Questions on MIPS and SPIM (The MIPS Simulator)

How do I take certain bit positions from one register, combine them with other bit positions from a second register, and write the result in to a third register? For example, suppose $t0 = 0x12345678 and $t1 = 0xaaaaaaaa; how do I put 0x1aa45678 in $t3? Answer.

SPIM appears to have loaded only part of my program. What happened to the rest of it? Answer.

Why aren't my jumps or branches jumping or branching where they should? Answer.

I cannot get my program to start running. The run-program dialog box shows a starting address of zero, but the text window shows my program starting at 0x400000. What am I doing wrong? Answer.

Questions on Verilog

Modelsim won't compile this: nibble = word[pos+3:pos]. What do I do? Answer.

Questions on Exams

Questions on the ModelSim Software

When I try to start the simulator using the slide-up menu nothing happens. Answer.

When I try to run the simulator, **poof**, the windows disappear! What happened? Answer.

When I tried to compile Verilog a dialog popped up titled "Error in Tcl Script" containing an unhelpful error message. What's going on? Answer.

Questions on the Workstations, Operating System, etc.

Which hosts can I telnet into? Answer.

Can I run the simulator and other graphical software from my PC or Mac at home? Answer.

My workstation has what looks like a floppy disk drive. How can I copy files to a floppy disk? Answer.

I get disk quota exceeded messages. Should I be concerned? Answer.

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